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What is Talking FACS?

June 8, 2018


Host: Dr. Jennifer Hunter, Assistant Director for Family and Consumer Sciences Extension, University of Kentucky

Guest:  Mindy McCulley, Extension Specialist for Instructional Support

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Welcome to Talking FACS - What you need to know about family, food, finance and fitness. Hosted by the University of Kentucky Family and Consumer Sciences Extension program, our educators share research knowledge with individuals, families and communities to improve quality of life.

What is Talking FACS?  It is the podcast for Family and Consumer Sciences Extension at the University of Kentucky.  

In this episode, Dr. Jennifer Hunter and Mindy McCulley discuss this new podcast produced by University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Family and Consumer Sciences. They share information about the topics that will be addressed on Talking FACS.  To submit your ideas for topics or to comment visit our facebook page @UKFCSExt.


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