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Take the Bite out of Scary Scams!

October 28, 2019

Host: Dr. Jennifer Hunter, Assistant Director for Family and Consumer Sciences Extension, University of Kentucky 

Guest: Kelly May, Senior Extension Associate for Family Finance and Resource Management

Episode 20, Season 2

Scam Artist, Con Man, Fraudster . . . whatever you choose to call them, their goal is to scare you into giving them something-your money, your personal information, access to what they want.  In this episode of Talking FACS, Kelly May visits with Dr. Jennifer Hunter and shares tips to help you avoid being scammed! She provides details of some current scams that are plaguing Kentucky and surrounding areas. Listen in and learn ways to protect yourself, so that when you hear the menacing jingle, you will be prepared to respond appropriately.

For more information visit:

The Kentucky Attorney General's Office

The Better Business Bureau


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