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Special Edition Episode: Dining In for FCS Day

November 26, 2018


Mindy McCulley, Extension Specialist for Instructional Support, University of Kentucky


Dr. Heather Norman-Burgdolf, Assistant Extension Professor and Specialist in Food and Nutrition

Sally Mineer, Extension Specialist for Professional Development

In this episode, Dr. Heather Norman-Burgdolf and Sally Mineer sit down with Mindy McCulley to discuss FCS Day and the importance of dining in with your family.  Sally gives information about how to commit to dining in and Heather gives information about how 'dining in' gives you the ability to control ingredients, portion size and the environment of your meal.

These websites were referenced during the podcast or can help you plan your Dining In meal:

For more information at FCS Day and Dining in visit

For more information about meal preparation visit What's Cooking: USDA Mixing Bowl

For more information about Plate it up! Kentucky Proud visit the website, the Facebook Page or the YouTube Channel.


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