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Financial Recovery after a Natural Disaster

May 2, 2022

Host:  Mindy McCulley, Extension Specialist for Instructional Support, Family and Consumer Sciences Extension, University of Kentucky

Guest: Dr. Nichole Huff, Extension Specialist for Family Finance and Resource Management

Special Edition Episode: MoneyWi$e 11, Season 4

"(Storm) Survivors are faced with so many decisions that can affect their family's financial well-being and their over all well-being." -Nichole Huff

At one time, we thought spring was the storm season in Kentucky.  And while we still see many spring storms, it seems any season is now storm season!  This month for the Talking FACS MoneyWi$e segment, Dr. Nichole Huff discusses how to recover financially from natural disasters.  She shares steps to take immediately after the disaster occurs as well as things you can do before disaster strikes in hopes of mitigating the financial effects left in a storm's wake.

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